Thursday, March 28, 2013

Red Sea Rules
This past Tuesday was our first session of the new study and I am so looking forward to this journey, Red Sea Rules by Robert J. Morgan, with you.  I look forward to each week and hope that these chapters bring growth and peace to your spirit - from panic to praise!  Since I have spoken to many of you, I know that some have already read the introduction/preface and first chapter (Rule #1).   
In preparation for our first meeting I want you to ponder the purpose of this journey.  Go back and read Exodus 14 (the chapter this book is based on).  I want to also challenge you to read it at least once a week during this journey. 
It is not pessimism to say to you that it is a FACT that you're either encountering or soon will encounter a problem, a challenge, or difficulty.  Jesus cautioned us in John 16:33 "here on earth you will have many trials...."  In these circumstances, it is quite natural for us to react in doubt or fear.  However, the encouragement from scripture is that God wants us praising Him even then! 
Here are some questions to ponder as our journey begins....
- What Red Sea are you currently facing?
- What are your reactions in the midst of this difficulty? Fear? Anger? Panic? Depression?
- Are you ready to take whatever faith you have, even if it is as small as a mustard seed, and place it n a God who wants to guide you through your Red Seas (Luke 17:5-6)?
I cannot emphasize enough how important journaling will be for this journey.  If you did not get the study guide, grab any journal and make it a practice to write your reflections.  Writing will help you clarify your thoughts and emotions, as well as provide a written testimony of your breakthrough that you can refer back to for years to come!!
May the Lord bless you and keep you as you embark on this amazing journey!  By faith, you are ready.....

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