Thursday, February 6, 2014

Command me to meet You on the Water....

“Command me to meet You on the water” (Matthew 14:28)

As I walked out the building, a fierce hurricane of thoughts pressed in as the reality I never imagined confronted me at the door.

“This is a no fault separation”
“Not a good fit”

Years of successful leadership and gainful employment came to an abrupt halt yesterday as I was suddenly released from my position without warning. 

As I opened the door and stepped out the exit, the cobblestone walkway that usually greeted me on my way home was gone. 

There before me was an ocean and a very familiar decision…

In Matthew 14, the disciples are comfortably traveling aboard a boat, when storms suddenly come.  Heavy waves threaten their journey at a time when Jesus seemed absent and out of reach.  However, in the midst of the storm something remarkable happens.  Jesus appears on the water.  Most know this story - Peter steps out of the boat only to be overwhelmed by fear and begins to sink.  After just observing Jesus feed the multitudes, and perform miracle after miracle, Peter doubted.  But what would you have done?
In midst of being confronted with waters much like Peter, I must examine his request.

“Lord if it’s really you….” Peter did not jump out the boat as soon as he saw Jesus.  Instead, he sought Jesus’ will.  When being confronted with storms, fear and anxiety may cause us to react hastily.  That only places us in more danger!  But, it is in these moments where God’s guidance is most crucial.

“Command me to meet you on the water.”  Peter was the only disciple who asked Jesus this.  All the others were perfectly fine in the boat.   But what was he asking?  His request was not because he was captivated by Jesus’ fancy “water-walking trick” and wanting to show off.  Peter’s plea was:

“Bring me nearer to you”
“Let me know your power”
“Show me my own weakness”
Peter did not ask for the storms to come, but he knew enough to know that when they come, the best place to be is near Jesus.  However, even knowing these truths, Peter allowed the clouds of fear to wash in and as soon as he looked from Christ and chose to focus on that fear, he began to sink.  Nothing should intimidate those who keep him near.  Not even the worst storms.

With no boat to retreat back to, I cry out to Jesus.   And, I hear my Savior whispering to me, “Yes, come” (Matthew 14:29). 

With a heart of obedience and trust I choose to meet him on the water.  I chose to allow him to show me his power and my weakness.  I choose faith over fear.  I rejoice in any waters that draw me closer to him.  And I am in awe of a Savior whose power is strong enough to reach out across this ocean of uncertainty and give me the strength to speak these words of encouragement for you.  

Whatever storms you are facing, KNOW that God is faithful.  Keep your eyes on the Savior.  He won’t let you sink.  He won’t let you drown.  He is saying to you “come”.  So it’s time to step out on faith…

Let’s pray:

Heavenly Father, you assure us that all things are possible through you.  And, even though we have seen your power over and over again, sometimes the storms and troubles of our lives cause us to doubt.  Help us to rest in your faithfulness. Give us the desire to draw nearer to you and not our circumstances.  Increase our faith through your precious Holy Spirit.  In Jesus name we pray.  Amen

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  1. My heart is heavy as I read your blog. However, I am 100 percent in agreement with you during this storm. Fear, doubt and unbelief cannot exist in the presence of Faith.I ask the Lord to draw me nearer also so I can be well equipped to stand in the gap and intercede for you my beautiful sister. I love you. Candi