Thursday, May 16, 2013

DIVA Study - Red Sea Rules #4- Don't Miss Tuesday, May 21st - Pray Without Ceasing

Happy Thursday DIVA Ladies!
Just a reminder that next Tuesday, May 21st at 6 p.m. is the next session in our journey through Red Sea Rules by Robert J. Morgan. Please ensure that you have completed reading Red Sea Rules 1 - 4.

As I reflected on my accident last weekend, I thought about it in the context of our next Rule. Everything happens so fast in those situations but it's interesting what comes naturally for us. As I realized the truck was about to hit me, without even thinking about it I whispered "My God". It's amazing how much is NOT in our control and how in a crisis we realize whose control it really is in -- GOD'S. When I uttered those words, they weren't thrown out in an empty way...those were words of desperation. This brings me to the rule we will be discussing.

If you notice one common theme among those in pain or facing extreme challenges -- they pray. Even those who don't normally pray, PRAY when their back is against the wall. So what should we as believers do?
Red Sea Rule #4 - Pray.

Prayers don't have to be long. In my accident I only had milliseconds to pray and I have no doubt my father heard me whisper "My God" just as loudly as he would one of my prayers in meditation. That "My God" said "help me, protect me, I need you NOW".

So, as we continue our journey we want to investigate this subject of prayer.


Prior to our meeting, read Exodus 14:10 and reflect.

Some questions to ponder and be prepared to give input on: 
  • In his book, Rob makes a distinction between quiet-time prayers and crisis time prayers. Using Matthew 6:6 and Joshua 24:7, how would you describe these two types of prayer?
  • What does 1 Peter 5:6–7 teach about prayer?
Now look inward...
  • How is your quiet-time pray going? Is it consistent? Difficult? Nonexistent? Why is it important that we continue consistent quiet-time prayer in the midst of our pain?
  • What about your crisis-time prayer? What’s the content of your crisis-time prayer?

I look forward to this discussion. See you all Tuesday!

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