Monday, May 28, 2012

Victory Has Sacrifice - 5/28/2012

Memorial Day brings to mind a lot of emotions. Pride for some. Mourning for others.  No matter what your stance on war, few will argue that those who have laid down their lives are worthy of this day or honor (and much more).  But this morning an encounter with a friend brought to mind a different type of sacrifice.  

A friend of mine has recently become my new workout buddy.  Since I haven't asked her permission to use her in my story we'll call her......."Mindy" :) Well Mindy has been working out with me over the last couple of weeks.  Mindy is a firecracker and has jumped in with both feet making some pretty significant changes to her diet and exercise regimen!  I mean, anyone who is crazy enough to get up with me at 4:30 am consistently is a certified machine!  Well today she gave me some great news about her results!  THEN as I looked at the numbers on her treadmill today, she had gone longer than she ever has since we started working out together.  I'm sure Mindy would like to sleep in a little later or enjoy late night rendezvous with Ben & Jerry (ok, this second one might be me!), but she has made it up in her mind to WIN.  I can say, Mindy is a well on her way to victory.  

What I thought about as I watched her today, is something that is consistent whether you are talking about physical or spiritual victories.  The acronym for my high school was VHS and we used that acronym within the athletic circles to push each other with the reminder, "Victory Has Sacrifice".  There is no victory in our lives that is free of sacrifice.

Let's look at the ultimate sacrifice that Christ made, His life.  The victory was not only in His resurrection, but in our redemption.  His sacrifice, OUR victory.   

"While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us." - Romans 5:8.  

BUT the sacrifice did not end there.  On this journey through Rooted, I believe we all have had an opportunity to reflect on the areas of our life that are preventing us from walking more closely with God and living according to His purpose for our lives.  When Christ died, sin's power over YOU was BROKEN.  

"Well then, since God’s grace has set us free from the law, does that mean we can go on sinning? Of course not!" - Romans 6:15

However, our right-standing (righteousness) with God does take work....and sacrifice.  It takes sacrificing our resources (time, money, etc.), comfort, and will to win in Christ.  So if you find yourself discouraged, jaded, or thinking "it would be so much easier if ....".  Jump in with both feet!  Push harder.  Frustration is just weakness leaving your mind.  Our greatest victories are cleverly hidden in our greatest sacrifices so know that you're on the right track!

And you WILL be victorious.  How do I know? I don't have a crystal ball, but I do have the Word of God and over two thousand years ago, Jesus saw you.  He saw every one of your tomorrows.  He saw every triumph, and He decided your victory was worth His sacrifice.

And if you're still wondering HOW?  Get over the "will power" mindset and lean on the power of the cross and see the chains fall.  Power of the Cross, Natalie Grant, -

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