Monday, July 2, 2012

Dance 4 Your Cause: Haiti Mission Support

Dear Readers;

For those of you that aren't aware, last week I was chosen for my church's mission team to Haiti from September 19 - 26.  We will be bringing aid (medical and ministry) to our partner church, Church of God by Faith, who have been a source of hope and healing since the devastating earthquake in 2010.  Their dream is to raise up the next
generation of Haitians to be educated Jesus followers who know how to make a difference.  Through this 7-day mission trip, God will not only bless me with the opportunity to provide tangible relief and medical aid to many who do not have access to treatment, but I will also get the opportunity to work with the children and equip them with the godly leadership tools to bring about the change needed in Haiti.

Here is a short video on Haiti and why these trips matter:

The exciting part is that you will be able to share in this compassion in several ways.

First, you can help pray for me and my fellow team members. We will need prayers that God will prepare us for our visit and bless our efforts as we minister to the people of Haiti.

Secondly, in order to participate in this mission trip I am also asking for your support in meeting the financial needs of this trip. At this time I need to raise $2,500 in support to attend this trip. This cost will cover travel, as well as the medical supplies that are needed.  That is quite a challenge but we know all things are possible
with God!

How can you help?  Compete 4 Your Cause is having a charity event on July 28th called Dance 4 Your Cause.  This event will be highlighting several charities and organizations, allowing them to raise awareness and support for their cause.  "D.I.V.A.S.", has been added as one of the featured charities!!  There are a number of ways to support the mission trip:
1) Visit
2) PARTICIPATE-  Register for Dance 4 Your Cause and bust a move with us at this fun event.  Remember to choose "D.I.V.A.S 4 LIFE" as the
Registered Organization.  Or,
     DONATE- For those who aren't ready to groove to the music, you
can still donate and support my mission trip by simply choosing "Make a Donation" and choosing "D.I.V.A.S 4 LIFE".
3) SPREAD THE WORD! Any support would be appreciated and I know many of you know people who would love to support what we are doing to bring hope to Haiti.

Please note - ALL event registrations and donations are tax deductible.  100% of D.I.V.A.S. for LIFE contributions will be used toward the Haiti Mission Trip. (If you have any questions, let me know)

This is a journey that God has called me to and whether you feel led to contribute financially, through prayer, or both, all levels of support are appreciated.  I look forward to doing God's work in Haiti and letting you know all about how God has worked through this team when I return.

For His Glory,

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