Monday, October 29, 2012

Illumination Guest: Joshua Chang – Know Your Self-Worth | LOVE AND RESPECT (NOW)

Know Your Self-Worth

By: Joshua Chang
When I was 24 I decided that I was done with dating. The problem for me? Dating led to more dating. I work in advertising and we sometimes create new emotions or convince people to chase new and shiny things. 
Dating felt just like that: I kept creating new emotions and trying to position myself as a shiny object.
And if it was a Christian I was dating, we would get to know each other, talk about how far is too far, fall into a place of ambiguity, and then it would fall apart because I never wanted to commit.  So I would replace them with someone new. It would be rinse and repeat.

And I was tired of this.

And I told God that I was tired of this and that I wanted a new perspective on relationships. And he said,
“Yes, Josh, that’s why I created marriage.” So as I looked at God’s word and his design for marriage, the first thing I had to understand was that I was valuable to him. That I was worth something. And I deserved better.

During this time, I met a girl named Amber. Before I could even ask her to obligatory coffee, I saw that she knew her value. I realized that if I wanted access to her, I would have to be responsible for what was behind it. And vice versa, if I wanted to grant her access to my life, I needed her to be responsible for what I offered as well.

This was different. I was different, Amber was different. And because we valued our worth and each other, my old ways of chaos and heartbreak and rinse and repeat were gone.

I designed this poster as a rallying cry to remind all of us that we don’t need to sell our shiny-selves.  We’ve already been bought at a high price from the one who created us and He called us good. 
We should know this and embrace this and act on this.


What are some reasons you struggle to know your self-worth?

Illumination Guest: Joshua Chang – Know Your Self-Worth | LOVE AND RESPECT (NOW)

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