Tuesday, May 6, 2014

God Bless The Wing Maker - Devotional - May 6, 2014

Today I looked out the window and watched a bird perched on the edge of the building.

“What a beautiful creature,” I thought.  

Before I could finish my train of thought, she dropped from the ledge and began to soar.

So much grace, yet there is nothing in her magnificence that she can take credit for. 

Every flap of her wings is a testimony of her creator’s loving design.  And, as she stretched her neck out toward the sky, I imagined her giving praise to her wing maker.

As she departed from my sight, I closed my eyes and reflected on my own life’s journey. 

The distance traveled.  The obstacles overcome.  The heights reached.  The heights to come.

A life of flight….like that bird.  A life that I am tremendously thankful for. 

As I stand on another one of life’s edges.  I’m not afraid, because I know I can fly.  

I spread my wings and smile as I reflect on my own wing maker.

So, today I give praise to my wing maker.

From the very beginning, you molded me to fly.

With God’s wisdom guiding your hands, you built my wings.

With God’s strength, you lifted me above negativity and doubt.

With God’s love, you mended me when I was broken.

With God’s joy, you showed me how to dance through sunshine as well as rain.

My glorious wing maker…..

When I'm afraid to take flight, you remind me that I was designed to ”do all things” (Philippians 4:13).

When others say I'm not good enough, you whisper, “you are fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14).

When stormy winds beat against me, I feel you at my back cheering, "greater is He that is in you" (1 John 4:4).

My beautiful wing maker……
My precious wing maker….
My loving wing maker….

When others tried to hold me back and keep me grounded, you said, “No.”
You pointed me to the skies, stepped back, and said, “Now go.”

And because of you, today, I soar.

Every time I take flight I thank God for you.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day this week I am in deep gratitude to my wing maker…..my mother.

I may fly, but it is YOU who gave me wings.

All that I am, is because of your love.

God bless you, wing maker.

Love Always,

Your Daughter Julia Nichole

P.S. Thank you to all mothers who give their children wings!

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