Friday, March 7, 2014

Selah - Lenten Journey Day 3

“I call out to the Lord, and he answers me from his holy mountain.
I lie down and sleep; I wake again, because the Lord sustains me.” Psalm 3:4-5

Today, I had the privilege of spending a day with my fellow women leaders of our church for a retreat.  

Eleven dynamic women.

So uniquely gifted to lead powerfully and passionately in the areas they are called. 

Eleven dynamic women.

So beautifully broken.

It wasn't long after arriving that I realized how providential the timing of this meeting was.

If there was one common denominator (other than our love for God, of course), each of our lives has gone through deep or challenging valleys very recently.  

After we heard insights about the Holy Spirit and lovingly shared our journeys, the most powerful part came when we were asked to find a quiet place. 

And do what? Hear from God.

That’s it.  Just hear what He has to say…

Sounds simple, but we rarely do it.

In the midst of our struggles each lady has pressed through and remained dutiful to our callings.  We pray, at times we cry out, we confess victory and we keep marching through enemy territory….

But now it was time to pause.
Now it was time to listen.

In the scripture, the word Selah is used over seventy times in the Psalms.  While there are many different interpretations, most believe that it is the combination of two Hebrew words, “salah” (to pause) and “salal” (to lift up).  This is the moment in the Psalms (songs) that the singing was silenced to rest, reflect, and let the instruments rise up and be heard alone. 

Today was my Selah. 

As I curled up on the couch during our time alone, I could feel the Holy Spirit sit right next to me (or maybe He had been there waiting for me all along).  And, rather than jumping into my “conversation” with God - which is often more one-sided than I want to admit – I sat, listened, wrote, and allowed Him to fill me with His truth.  About me.  About my ministry.  About who He is for me in this moment of my life.

I concluded this time feeling refreshed.  There was a restoration.

That’s why we need these times. 

Yesterday I wrote about wanting God near.  But what do we want Him near for? 

Usually to listen to us.

We want answers, but we never stop talking.  It’s uncomfortable for us.  We like busyness and noise, don’t we?

When is the last time you've allowed Him near on His terms?

His nearness was so tangible for me today.

But, I had to find Him in my silence.

Today I urge you to find your Selah.

Still your mind.

Quiet your petitions.

And let the instrument of God’s voice, the Holy Spirit, arise. 

You will be in awe by what you hear.

Let’s pray:  Father, I pray that I might be open to hear Your voice. May I be eager to hear what You have to say to me through my time of meditation and Your written Word.  I pray that I won’t turn away from Your truth, but I listen intently to what You are saying.  At times it appears that the voices of this world and my own thinking crowd out Your still voice.  Help me to discern those voices from Your wisdom. Open my spiritual ears.   Quiet my mind and help me to hear You calling me by name. And when you speak Lord, let me be willing to hear those words and obey them.  I am Yours, both now and forever. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Now playing: No're supposed to be listening, remember? :)

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