Thursday, June 11, 2015

Father - Daughter Dance - Devotional - June 11, 2015

He escorts me to the banquet hall; it's obvious how much he loves me.” Song of Solomon 3:4
Weddings are a fascinating chain of events.  From the planning to the actual day itself, there is a litany of details and activities that lead to that fateful walk down the aisle.  A moment when a covenant is made and vows are pledged; a new union begins, and an old way of life ceases to exist.  Then the festivities begin and a reception often reaches a tearful exchange as the bride and her father take the dance floor.  He looks at his daughter, now a wife, and what a moment that must be as he dances with his creation and hands her over to another.

As I approach my wedding day in just a few days, there have been moments when the excitement and anticipation of the day were sprinkled with a bit of melancholy.  Why?  You see, God has been the only Father I’ve ever known.  I found Him as a young girl, and we’ve been dancing ever since. 
Admittedly, there are times when I stepped on His toes.  Let’s call that rebellion.

Those awkward, jerky, phases when I tried to lead.   Stubbornness.
Then there're those really embarrassing times when I totally misread His cues and ended up right on my rear end!  Hello, Ego!

Yet and still, I have never ceased to find safety in his arms.  And, in the moments of obedience and total surrender to His direction….when his guidance meets my willingness...there has been no stopping us. 
It has been a beautiful dance….and my Father has been my only partner.

Is it wrong for me to not want this dance to end?  What was the cure for my momentary melancholy?
God’s simple words. “I led you here.”

The same God who has danced me through valleys and pits, and over mountains and obstacles has led me to this day….to this banquet hall….to this dance partner.
“It is obvious how much He loves me….”

When I look into Kevin’s eyes, I see the love of my Father.  I see His gentleness and generosity.  I see His sacrifice and adoration.  I see my Father’s grace manifested in the flesh.  I see the one He found suitable enough to cut in on the dance with His little girl.
My Daddy is not letting me go.  In fact, He has brought in reinforcement! 

Warning: Kevin better watch his toes! 
But, I cannot wait for the three of us to dance.  Because I got a couple of fellas who love me fiercely, and I have no doubt we’re going to own the dance floor. 

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